Who Is C.W. Trisef?

C.W. Trisef is a pen name for two brothers who truly just want to help people.

Chad and Wayne grew up in a happy home in Southern California. Chad, eleven years senior, left home before Wayne to receive a Master’s degree in Accounting and begin a successful career in Corporate America. Wayne pursued a more well-rounded education, achieving valedictorian-status at every school from which he graduated. Presently, Chad lives in Portland Oregon, while Wayne resides in San Diego.

C.W. Trisef is a pen name for two brothers. The ‘C’ stands for Chad, and the ‘W’ stands for Wayne. Can you guess who is older?

In the spring of 2004, while sitting in a cubicle crunching numbers, Chad envisioned the first adventures of Ret Cooper and his fate with the Oracle. Seven years later, Chad and Wayne joined forces, published Book 1 (of seven in the series), and The Oracle Series officially began.

C.W.’s passion for creative literature and real-life adventure originates from his favorite childhood cartoon, Disney’s DuckTales. Watching these episodes, filled with treasure hunters, adventure seekers, and real-life mystery-solvers, C.W. became an ever-dreamer of something much bigger: he knew that one day he would create fictional stories explaining real-life world mysteries.

In honor of his childhood love of DuckTales, a school in Las Vegas Nevada presented Chad with this shirt after he visited with the students.

The Oracle Series is an impressive blend of fact and fiction, based on real geographic mysteries and substantiated theories. C.W. believes that enhanced writing stems from true experiences and well-informed imaginations. In April 2011, before putting the finishing touches on Book 1, C.W. traveled to the island of Bimini in the Bahamas, braved the Bermuda Triangle, scuba dove the site where the Lost City of Atlantis is believed to have once existed, and then adjusted the Book 1 manuscript to be more consistent with what he observed first-hand.

An underwater picture from C.W. Trisef’s trip to the Island of Bimini in the Bermuda Triangle. Chad is pictured here, scuba diving next to part of the mysterious Bimini Road.

C.W. Trisef knew The Oracle Series needed to be more than just clean, entertaining literature for all ages, so he purposely included well-timed life lessons within the pages of each book to help readers of all ages become better people. Still wanting to do more, C.W. began traveling the country (at his own expense) performing free assemblies for schools and communities, in an effort to advocate child literacy.

Interest quickly swelled and every child wanted to help, so C.W. created a new social network called #YourWorld: a safe place for youth and concerned citizens to connect with others and collaborate on social awareness ideas. What’s more, C.W. formed a non-profit organization called #CoyManor, with purposes to increase literacy, improve education, provide compassionate service, teach life skills and lessons, and bolster the desire for overall goodness.

Join our free social network and help us #CureTheWorld by spreading goodness, raising social awareness, and applying Oracle Series themes.

C.W. Trisef, his books The Oracle Series, his school assemblies, his new social network, and his newly-formed non-profit organization are all jointly sparking a refreshing #CureTheWorld movement: a much-needed voice and drive for increased education, wholesome change, and overall goodness. This movement is something we should all share and support wholeheartedly.


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