Wherever he goes, C.W. Trisef is asked, without fail: "When will the Oracle Series be made into movies?" Until we see Ret on the big screen, here are some videos to watch on your (smaller) screen. Do you have an idea for a video that we should make? Tell us in the comments below!

Book 1 Trailer
Check out this trailer for "Oracle - Sunken Earth" (Book 1 in the Oracle Series).

Assembly Example
Watch what we do at a typical Oracle Series event. Request free appearance

Real-Life Mysteries
Find out what inspired C.W. Trisef as a kid to someday create a story about mysteries.

Music Composition
A friend read Chapter 0 of Book 1 and then made this original soundtrack.

Support Us
We want to #CureTheWorld.  Do you?  (By the way, have you joined YourWorld yet?)

Book 3 Example
Did ancient riverbeds under the Sahara Desert once connect the Amazon and Nile Rivers?

Oracle opening
The Oracle opens into six wedges, each of which holds one of nature's original elements.

"I don't believe in the idea of a 'chosen one.' We can all be chosen." —Ret Cooper

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