Coy Manor

“One of Mr. Coy’s favorite things to do was make bad men good and good men better.”

Oracle – Solar Wind (Book 4), Chapter 15

The idea of Coy Manor originates from The Oracle Series, which speaks of a place by the same name that serves as a home, a school, a preserve, and even a rehabilitation center—all in one.

“Most of the Manor is dedicated to teaching and training our students,” Mr. Coy explains in Oracle – Solar Wind (Book 4). “Each one represents someone who needed a second chance in life (or a first one) and was willing to change. So we take them in and give them that chance. After they’ve learned a skill or mastered a trade, most of them leave to either enter the workforce or go to school…All we ask for in return is that they give back to the Manor in some way, if possible, so that others can benefit like they did.”

In the spirit of Mr. Coy, we founded a non-profit organization called Coy Manor, named in honor of the institution that has become a beloved part of The Oracle Series.

As an Oregon Public Benefit Corporation, Coy Manor holds a close connection with Trisef Book LLC (an Oregon LLC-P), which is the holder of the copyright and intellectual property (the book series and related materials) called The Oracle Series.  For the past few years, Trisef Book LLC has been visiting schools nationwide, performing educational assemblies for students while promoting both higher literacy and wholesome creativity.

As the owners of Trisef Book LLC, we have created Coy Manor to continue that same legacy of helping students and families, but now as a non-profit organization, hoping to garner charitable contributions and receive generous grants to enable growth of this worthy cause.

According to its bylaws, the primary purposes of Coy Manor are to #CureTheWorld by:

We are aiming to build a real-life Coy Manor in Portland, Oregon, and grow it as much as possible.  We will start by continuing Trisef Book’s legacy of nationwide school assemblies (increasing literacy, growing creativity, improving education).  Then in subsequent years and as we grow, we hope to build our first physical Coy Manor, which will be a public benefit to help others in dire need (providing compassionate service, teaching life skills and lessons, and bolstering public desire for overall goodness and charity).

We want to help those who lack the necessities of life, such as food, shelter, health, employment, or just someone to talk to, and then replicate this process in every large city around the world.  This is our dream: to help kids, help schools, help families, help communities, help nations—in short, to #CureTheWorld.

We graciously welcome any and all efforts in support of our cause, including monetary grants and donations.  Coy Manor is a 501(c)(3) organization, so your donations are 100% tax deductible.  If you would be so generous as to support us with a monthly recurring donation, we have the following rewards system:

$25 monthly recurring donation: You get monthly #OracleSeries autographed merchandise shipped to you

$50 monthly recurring donation: You get monthly electronic access to C.W. Trisef on Skype or Google Hangouts

$100 monthly recurring donation: You get personal access to C.W. Trisef when he is traveling in your area (lunch, meeting, etc)

$250 monthly recurring donation: You get to go on an annual book-tour trip with C.W. Trisef to one school assembly book-tour location of your choice

$500 monthly recurring donation: You get to go on an annual mystery trip with C.W. Trisef to a real-life world mystery location

Coy Manor

An Oregon Public Benefit Corporation

EIN – 82-2111662

A 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization

All grants and donations are 100% tax deductible

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