Category: Mysteries

What Is Healthy?

“With several of its foundational pillars missing, little wonder then that society’s health, like Stonehenge, lay in shambles.”


“The image before Paige’s face was a whole and complete Stonehenge.”

The Abominable Snowman

“Now they could hear footsteps—large, heavy footsteps—of some creature coming towards them.”

The Internet

“The secret to this stuff lies in things that are seen and unseen.”

The Northern & Southern Lights

“The lights were about people—people making good choices when confronted with the energies and influences of negative ions.”

Underground Riverbeds

“For several uneasy seconds, they fell back toward the earth until they plunged into the quicksand and disappeared.”

The Amazon River

“The Amazon should be a better place for our having passed through it, and we will be better people if we let the Amazon pass through us.”

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